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What is NeoBux?

NeoBux is PTC site ( Paid TClick site) which is on internet since 2008. You can earn money on Neobux. It is true and legit site to earn money that I found on internet.

It has 5 years good record of paying money to users and doesn’t spam in 5 years unlike many PTC sites. You can earn lot of earning just by doing simple works like click on ads, completing offers, tasks and referrals.

How much i can earn Here?

You can earn between 20 to 40 dollar depends on various factor. Means you can earn per month 600$ to 1200$ normally. Although in neobux earning is not limited to certain amount. You can see payment proof  below of user ID in neobux as Reggen666. I am posting all factors which matter in earning on my upcoming posts.

Is it legit site?

Friends you can see many review about neobux as best PTC site to earn and 100% legit site. You can see over internet many proof of earning with NeoBux also you can see payment proof  in youtube video also. You can also see success story page and payment proof page in this blog.

Highest Cash out given by NeoBux to user id Reggen666:


How much it will pay for visiting ads?

Neobux gives for standard members you 0.001$ for fixed ads and micro ads. For extended ads it could be 0.01$.

For golden members, ultimate members earning is higher.

If it pays only cents how I earn 20$ to 40$ per day?

You can earn 20$ to 40$ or even more on NeoBux. For that you can pay attention here.

1) Offers and Tasks

One of the best method to earn on Neobux is that you can complete offers and Tasks (Mini Jobs). You can earn lot from offers and Tasks. But it require more hard work to you.

2) Referral

It is very good method to earn money on neobux. In NeoBux you can have two types of referrals.

a) Direct referral        and

b) Rented referral

I am not interested in explaining how offers and tasks are worked because it is time consuming to you and me. Also offers and tasks are keep changing daily so it is not possible to mention details of them.

So i am now giving information about how to earn 20$ to 40$ earning from referrals in upcoming post in this blog.

To earn 20$ to 40$ per day you need to refer referrals.

Earn money with Direct Referrals

As you can earn money by referring your friends, families and other users to NeoBux. You can earn money when they use your referral link to signup on NeoBux and start clicking on ads.

For each click you can earn money. Direct referral doesn’t need any cost to you. It is free earning for life time. In NeoBux thousands of direct referrals are signup per day. For ultimate membership in neobux you can allow to earn from unlimited direct referrals. Check my upcoming post for getting direct referrals.

Earn money with Rented Referrals

You can earn money for sponsoring some users on NeoBux. You can get earning based on how much they click on fixed ads(yellow color). You need to pay some monthly fee to buy rented referrals. Your rented referral earning depends on referral clicks average per day and membership plan you own on neobux. Rented referral limits to each account so upgrading your account is needed to earn more.

check my upcoming post for rented referral earning strategy.

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